Recreation and Sports in Georgia - Spring 2017

  • Anya Sapharova
  • Apr 02, 2017
  • 45

Without any doubt Georgia can be proclaimed a country of contrasts and this statement will embrace not only the country’s culture and traditions but its climatic peculiarities as well. As long as spring has rightfully taken over the domain of the Western and partially Southern parts of Georgia, it is time to think about recreation and upcoming sporting events in Georgia.

The sporting season had been formally opened by the Critical Mass movement in Tbilisi on the March, 31. Hundreds of cyclers gathered at the so called “bicycle sculpture” near Rustaveli Avenue as if paying tribute to the healthy way of life, trying to spread the idea of using bicycles instead of the cars. This kind of sporty and healthful example intends to attract as many people as possible to think about their hectic way of life.

Those who missed the mentioned-above event can replenish the loss by attending another gathering that will be held on April, 9 (organized by Georgian Extreme Ways). This peculiar bike tour gives every person an opportunity to travels for 32 km under the supervision of professional local cyclers. Mini-bus takes all the wishful to Tianeti that is going to be the check point for the cyclers whose destination is Sioni settlement.  Interesting fact is that you can rent a bike and spend a wonderful evening on a picnic and make new cycling friends on that day.

After having cycled for more than 30 kilometers it is important to freshen up!  Rafting! Why not put yourself in the place of the conquering Vikings that vigorously plow the seas? It is an exceptional chance to get in touch with Georgia’s wilderness and absorb energy from the framing forests and mountains of Kakheti. The waters of whimsical White Aragvi will tease but contribute to one’s high spirits. Event will be held by “Lost” group that will organize several similar events in spring and summer of 2017.

Those who are interested in extreme sports but prefer not to partake and enjoy watching the show are really lucky to be in Tbilisi in April. For the first time Georgia is hosting Porsche Sport Challenge that will be held on April, 8 in Rustavi International Motorpark. The participating clubs represent not only Georgia but Russia and Ukraine as well. Amateurs are highly encouraged and welcomed to register for the challenge and there still is some time to enroll.

Another interesting sporting event connects Georgia with Lithuania (hosted by Doublefault). Amateur tennis tournament will take place in Tbilisi and the registration is still open and can be found here

Tbilisi Dance Festival Open 2017 opens its doors to all those wishing to see the beauty and grace of sport dancing with mesmerizing and intricate moves. ‘Dance House’ studio has organized several dancing workshops by so far that did not leave the spectators dissatisfied.

It might be useful for dance-lovers to learn about the club ‘Number 13’ that systematically holds Latino Dance nights in cooperation with ‘Latino Boy’s Band’. The club is in Akhvlediani, 13 street.

Let’s swiftly move in the tango pace from the all-accepted esthetics to the manliest, the most brutal and beloved Georgian sport – rugby. The thrilling day starring San Diego State and Georgian team ‘Devebi’ is highly expected with great impatience. The San Diego Aztecs head out to Tbilisi to celebrate 25 years of diplomatic relations and success of Sand Diego University in Georgia. Event takes place on Lelo Arena, on April, 2. What really matters is that the entry is absolutely free!

It is impossible not mention Georgia’s breakthrough in conducting the first women championship in rugby, that was held on March, 26-27. The game was really successfully played by Georgian girls and now their way is open to the European championships.

Another event that might mostly interest pretty ladies takes place in Rike Park, near the Freedom Bridge on April, 15. Pilates workshop invites all the volunteers to celebrate the spring coming. Still it is necessary to take the special equipment and not to forget to smile widely while doing stretches. It is welcomed to come with friends and keep in mind about the changeable weather – the weather forecast might not be accurate so it is important to dress up smartly.

Have you ever heard of petanque tournament? It will not be a surprise if no Georgian ever heard of this French game. The game’s purpose is to throw balls closer to the opponent’s smaller ones. The game might seem easy but it just sounds to be like that. It is possible to play against another team of engaged people in Vake Park, on April, 9.

One of the major events that is loved and expected by many Georgians will be held on May, 7. Charity arrangement that is known under the name of Wings for Life World Run will be held in Lopota, Kakheti. The local winners of the race will be awarded a trip to a 2018 Wings for Life Run location. Moreover, the champions will be awarded with an exclusive training camp organized by the Ministry of Sport and Youth of Georgia. Registration is not over yet so all the volunteers are welcomed to fill in the forms and take part in the race.

Those who crave for psychological and mental games will be interested in the so called ‘Mafia’ game, that is held three times a week in Takhaishvili street, in Vake district. The virtuosos and brainstorming ambience could make nervous even the most cold-blooded person. The rules of the game are simple – cards are distributed to the players and those who were given a ‘civilian’ card have to catch the sneaked in the band mafia. The game takes its basics in logic, deduction, and psychology. Sometimes it might be substantial to take a sip of wine in order to gather all the courage and give it a blow.

What concerns the melted winter, Gudauri announces its last skiing days and it is important to catch the moment and ski for the last time till the colder weather approaches in December.

Georgia, from one glance is the country where you have to relax and enjoy the delicious cuisine. As it can be seen, all those taken calories can be easily burnt during active events that are held during spring in Saqartvelo.