May 2017 Website Traffic and Income Report

May Report
  • Reinis Fischer
  • Jun 02, 2017
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Transparency is one of our key values here at Tourgeorgia.EU. Our second monthly income and traffic report for May 2017 is out, continue reading to learn more.

What we have done in May

At the start of each month, we have decided to increase advertising budget and ad duration on Facebook. It was agreed to spend $6 per day for 4 days - that' s a total budget of $24. Not much, I agree, though that's a good increase if compared with previous month of April. Two tour packages were promoted, each for 2 days, and each in different country.

We decided to experiment with ad settings in Poland and United Arab Emirates.

For the first two days of May, Facebook conversion ad was created to promote 5 day Kutaisi and Svaneti tour - starting $300 per person in Poland, unfortunately no booking happened after this campaign. For the next two days a new ad campaign was created to promote All inclusive 3 day discovery tour in Georgia in UAE. Again no bookings happened during the promotion time. 

Advertisement on Facebook sometimes actually can be a waste of money, Google SEO is the real juice for most of the online businesses. That's the reason we keep writing blog, as Google loves fresh content and frankly speaking - content marketing is one of the best ways to generate more traffic back to website. Though there is a downside - it takes time, a lot of time. I wouldn't be surprised seeing poor results in terms of SEO for about 6 month.

Here are articles we made in May:

We made some more articles in May, but these 3 are tourism related, SEO driven. 3 articles per month is very little. And we are planing to increase articles in future.

About Website traffic in May website traffic May 2017 website traffic May 2017

As we were forecasting back in April, in May we got a little bit more than 1,000 users (1,191) which equals to about 38 daily average users. Not much. But as it was just second month we are rolling out, numbers seems decent. About 1,000 users should be the minimum new startups should aim with little to no advertising. As it happened back in April, the vast majority of visitors did came from advertising (Facebook ads, banner ad and embedded URL's from my personal website

About bookings

Last month 7 bookings happened. That's a bit short if we are looking to end first operational year with 120 bookings/per year (as it's drafted in our resolution) but I believe in coming months we will increase this number by a storm.

  • Booking ratio in May: 0.58%

1 out of 172 visitors last month made a booking via platform. We are looking  to have this number closer to 1% in the following months.

About Income in May

Our business model is simple - we charge commissions from bookings.

  • tour bookings: $320
  • hotel bookings: $9.83

Total: $329.83


May 2017 RPM
May 2017 RPM

About Expenses

Total: $83.99

Net Profit

  • $245.84

Again that's humble, though decent amount for a two month old website.

Forecasts / Goals For June

It's planned to increase both advertisement duration, and dollars spent, respectively 5 days in total advertising with $7 per day budget targeting potential customers from United Arab Emirates.

I will stick with a humble 1,000 user goal and about 7 bookings for June.