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Consta de tres unidades: Unidad I: inglés conversacional y de utilidad, donde se intenta aprender el manejo de una conversación de uso diario, formal e informal. It was created especially for users to learn at their own pace or pace, ideally your family or friends study too and you will learn better, as you will have someone else to practice with. You need to really like and be interested in the English language, do not study it just because you need to pass this course, but because it is the language that is spoken throughout the world and because you enjoy studying it, it is important that you are aware of what is needed discipline and perseverance in the study and daily practice, 2. It consists of three units: Unit I: conversational and useful English, where you try to learn the management of a conversation of daily, formal and informal use. Unit II: Grammar of the English language is tried, apart from learning phrases and words, also show each element and all the rules or norms that govern the sentences, to each word or phrase of English, understand the why of each elementso, learn to make or put together sentences to our liking and whim, that is, to fully master the English language. Finally in Unit III: Literary and artistic resources in English, you are offered some texts such as stories, songs, readings and others; where you can use the English language and its equivalent to Spanish, so you can practice the new language in a fun and useful way. In each lesson you will find everything specified and clearly explained, you will not need to go on research, since everything is digested and ready only for you to learn it, that is, in each Unit you will have: the writing, the pronunciation and the meaning in Spanish of each word, please, make all the indications and let yourself be taken step by step towards your goal to learn English, never be discouraged, learn but without complications!.

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Dicta clases de Dirección de Actores. Marihuana Alché is an Argentinian screenwriter, administrator and actress. She teaches Actors Administration. Maria Bonsanti Desde el añola italiana Maria Bonsanti trabaja en el órbita del cine documental. Trabajó doce abriles para el Festival dei Popoli, en Florencia, y en fue su codirectora.

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