April 2017 Traffic and Income Report

Income Report April 2017
  • Reinis Fischer
  • May 02, 2017
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Welcome to the very first website traffic and income report. Here at tourgeorgia.eu we love data transparency and from our experience working with other web projects, we have learnt - sharing is caring

What we have done in April

Let's start with a short introduction, tourgeorgia.eu was re-launched, after a couple of years of deep sleep, at the last days of March 2017. Originally tourgeorgia.eu was launched back in April 2011, when its founder Reinis Fischer first put foot on Georgian land:

My journey to Georgia started kind of silly, before arriving to Georgia I purchased an .eu domain with Georgia's name on it - tourgeorgia.eu. Ideas was simple, I will list there places I've discovered here in Georgia, list some travel deals by partnering with some tour companies, hotels and so on. Back then the Drupal 7 version yet was yet was to come out, and I decided it would be a great learning curve - switch from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7 (drupal guys will understand) in combination with exploration with a new country.

Though over years I stopped any developments there and at some stage even switched it off. Instead I built pretty popular section in frames of my personal blog, see All about Georgia, as my blog was growing and after getting more than 80,000 users per month with a lot of travel request, since the start of January 2017, I partnered  with some cool tour operators here in Georgia and started to offer organized tours in Georgia.

I would like to say a huge thanks to Mrs David Gabliashvili from Travel to Georgia, being very responsive and helping me out with planing routes and itineraries and handling more than 25 travel requests since the start of January 2017.

Now, the huge demand for tours in Georgia, made me remember my initial goals and plans when I settled here in Georgia and decision was made - tourgeorgia.eu will re-born

It took about six years to get to the point were we are right now. Tourgeorgia 2.0 was launched as Minimum Viable Product Phase 2, after 3 month testing idea about tour bookings on my personal blog (see: All About Georgia

First 3 months on my blog gave 30 bookings from travelers mostly from United Arab Emirates. Back in January I decided to partner with first tour operator - David from Travel to Georgia, it's funny, but I posted an offer online on blog's Facebook page and after a few meetings at Tbilisi's Holiday Inn restaurant we agreed to partner on tour bookings.

That's how things work in Georgia, there is a good saying from  Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist:

And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.

At the final days of March, I decided, as it's approaching 6 year anniversary for old tourgeorgia, it's time to awaken it and develop a separate business entity, instead of just a separate section on blog.

Also it was decided to hire professional freelance authors, although I had a good experience already hiring freelance authors using upwork.com, it was hard to find author capable of providing Georgia related travel content. Luckily, a friendship with American teacher in Georgia, Mrs. Michelle Gavin, who I met in another startup organized by me: Georgia Expat Photographer club, helped a lot, and after a quick selection we hired Mrs. Anya Sapharova. 

Anya is really talented and skilled writer, she did wrote most of the articles in April.

About website traffic in April

April made a decent total unique visitor count, a little bit more than 1,000, which is great for a new start up, with little advertising. In fact most of the visitors did come from advertising. Facebook ads, banner ad and referral url's from my personal blog generated most of the visits in April. Google search did sent a humble 8 new visitors

Tourgeorgia.eu website traffic April 2017
Tourgeorgia.eu website traffic April 2017

1,078 users, 1,644 sessions, 4,359 pageviews - a decent start for a month old website.

As you can see from graph above, there is a greater visitor flow for the first days of April, during first 3 days we ran a Facebook Ad to promote: Best of Georgia in 7 Day Cultural and Historical tour - Starting $390 per person in United Arab Emirates. Georgia is really attractive destination for travelers from UAE, that's the simple reason we opted to advertise there. Again, as already mentioned earlier, we still use Minimum Viable Product approach and don't brute force. 

It's worth noting, that about 22% visitors this month come from ReinisFischer.com blog.

At then end of month, we had 6 bookings, all still pending.

About income in April

Although tourgeorgia didn't made a cent during last April, some trips from bookings made via ReinisFischer.com blog happened.

  • Income from tours: $120

We charge commissions only

About expenses in April

Net profit in April

  • $45

Not much definitely, barely just over a dollar per day, but hey, we are just starting out

Forecast / Goals / Plans for May

We are launching two advertisement campaigns on Facebook, targeting visitors from Poland and United Arab Emirates, with following tour packages:

It's planned to increase both advertisement duration, and dollars, respectively 4 days in total advertising with $6 per day budget. 

1,000 users and about 6 bookings will be considered a good result for month of May.